Get work done while building a network of future hires.

Engineers hate speaking to recruiters.

Interviewing isn't their language, coding is.

Old method

❌ Pay 20%-30% fees to a recruiter

❌ Put candidates off with dummy coding tests



✅ Pay candidates to complete real work

✅ Attract engineers with production tickets

What’s the process?

Engineers hate speaking to recruiters

Example projects our clients have used to hire engineers

These projects are running in production.

Full Stack Engineer

Build a pay-as-you-earn gaming platform from a Figma design using React & Nest. The platform calls a Discord bot API, tracking in-game data.

Senior Python Engineer

Migrate an open source library dynamicio to use a pandera schema.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Create MVP Web App with a buy/hire button that calls a GraphQL API & renders onscreen pricing.

Full Stack Engineer

Create an MVP crypto stock options exchange.

Full Stack Engineer

Create a timekeeping page for an office scheduling firm. The page reads from & posts to a REST API.

Front End Engineer

Create a shipping feature allowing a user to generate a shipping postage labels.

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